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We serve people living with cystic fibrosis (CF) — a rare, life shortening disorder that makes something as simple as breathing difficult. Moreover, there is no cure.

Managing the disease involves daily medications and breathing treatments, along with specialized nutrition and regular physical activity. We support the efforts to maintain health and quality of life through programs such as:

  • Exercise Grants, which promote a sustained, active lifestyle with grants to make activities more affordable.
  • BreatheStrong+, which provides a community of support, motivation, and rewards for making wellness a priority.
  • Susan C. Burroughs Critical Needs Initiative, which helps Georgia CF families struggling financially. Covered expenses include groceries and fuel.
  • Loretta Morris Memorial Fund, which targets people with CF in California, supports dance, golf, equestrian and aquatic activities.


Why donate to BreatheStrong CF?

Reason 1

We help people with CF live a healthy and active lifestyle that often is otherwise unaffordable. Donations allow people with CF to participate in BreatheStrong+ at no cost.

Reason 2

We promote exercise, which helps improve lung function by not only aiding airway clearance but also helping airway expansion through breathing hard.

Reason 3

BreatheStrong grants help with mental health by not only providing fun and healthy physical activity, but also creating experiences of accomplishments and positive self-esteem.

Make a Recurring Gift

Recurring gifts provide longevity to our programs and mission! Set up a recurring monthly or quarterly gift when you make your donation today! A recurring donation is a convenient option for you to support the effort to stay healthy of an adult or child living with CF by providing a consistent source of funding for our programming. You can choose the frequency of your recurring donation through the form above.

Customize Your Donation

Our donation form allows you to customize your gift:

  • Make a Tribute Donation – you have the option of sending an e-card to notify your honoree. A Tribute Donation makes the perfect birthday or holiday gift!
  • Support a Specific Program – select our BreatheStrong grants, Susan C. Burroughs Critical Needs Initiative to support specific programs. If you do not specify, we will use your gift where it is needed most.

Donate By Mail

Make checks payable to “BreatheStrong CF” and mail to:
BreatheStrong CF
P.O. Box 2984
​Tucker, GA 30085