What's Your Gap Grant




2024 Application

As a collaboration between BreatheStrong CF and Closing the Gap Foundation, this grant provides funding to help teens and adults battling cystic fibrosis pursue ways to  improve their health. We want to help recipients “close the gap” between what they believe will help them live a healthy lifestyle and the financial burden required to make it happen.

A collaboration of:


The What’s Your Gap Grant application is open to teens and adults in the United States who are living with cystic fibrosis.

Optimal applicants are individuals with CF who struggle to pursue what they believe will help improve their health due to financial burden. Applicants will see this grant opportunity as a spark to ignite their passion and shift their perspective on life with CF toward a more positive trajectory of health and longevity.

Due to limited funding availability, BreatheStrong CF may not be able to approve all grant requests.

How to Apply

Application requires a short written application and a 2-5 minute video. Details of required video elements are available through our application portal.


Please direct all inquiries to grants@breathestrongcf.org.