New Year, Better Me

by Tiffany McDaniel
BreatheStrong CF employee

We have all used the phrase “New year, new me” at some point, and it’s usually accompanied by unrealistic goals and resolutions that set you up for failure.  It’s time to change that narrative. Let’s try this out,” New year, it’s time to take care of me”. Self-care is crucial because it allows us to recharge and replenish. It helps us manage stress, prevent burnout, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Neglecting self-care can lead to physical and mental health issues, affecting our overall quality of life. By prioritizing self-care, we can better navigate the challenges and demands of daily life.  This year, add self-care to your list of resolutions.

Here are a few ways to prioritize self care:

Find quiet time. Between work and home life, it can be hard to get a moment to yourself. Just like we schedule work meetings and doctor appointments, we need to schedule time to be still. Your quiet time can be a simple 10 to 15 minutes of doing something that doesn’t require using your phone or other devices. It’s a great time for deep breathing.

Journaling during this time helps to unclutter your brain. Color a page in your coloring book to ease your racing thoughts, or simply sit in silence for a few mins. It helps to refocus your mind and slow anxiety.

Try a new hobby. The winter season, short days, long nights, seasonal depression, cold. Staying indoors can get boring and we all get restless from sitting around on the weekends with not much to do. This is a good time to start a new hobby. Find something that is relaxing and easy to do, gardening, DIY’s and crafting are relaxing activities you can try. Crocheting and knitting are challenging but rewarding hobbies, you feel accomplished after finishing a project. Puzzles are a fun hobby and the type of puzzles you can choose from are endless. 3D puzzles, book nook puzzle kits, you name it. Don’t forget to display your masterpieces when you finish them! Looking for a mental challenge? Try learning a musical instrument or new language – these activities challenge the mind and provide life-long benefits!

Care for your body and mind through exercise. Self-care is a vital component of maintaining overall well-being. It involves taking deliberate actions to care for our physical, mental, and emotional health. Sign up for a yoga class, Pilates, boxing or join a team. Exercise is a powerful tool; it allows us to invest time and effort into our well-being. It serves as a reminder that we prioritize ourselves and our health. Moreover, exercise provides an outlet to release built-up tension and stress, allowing us to feel more relaxed and centered. By choosing physical activities that we enjoy, such as jogging, dancing, or bike riding, exercise becomes an enjoyable part of our self-care routine.

We need to take care of ourselves. Our mental health is just as important as physical health. Let one of your resolutions for this year be to love yourself and take care of yourself more. This year aim to be a Better You!

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