Six Ways to Get Active as a Family

by James Richardson
Vertex Education Ambassador, Fitness

Six ways to get active with your family:

1.Tug of War:

Create two teams. It could be boys vs. girls or kids vs. the parents or dad and the girls vs. mom and the boys. You can have as many team combinations as you want. Now get a rope, create a center mark for the winners to cross and get the tug of war underway. Be sure to make sure each child playing is put on a winning team so everyone feels victory. Also, play after lunch; that is the time most kids feel the strongest.

2. Dance:

Dancing is fun and an unbeatable cardio workout. Gather up the family and throw a small indoor dance party. Play their favorite music and indulge them with some healthy snacks.


Grab your bikes and go off the beaten path. Explore all the nature trails in your neighborhood. Head for the hills and let your kids compete on ascending hills.

4.Yard Work:

Catch leaves as they fall from trees on a windy day. Rake them in piles of different colors and see who gets the biggest pile for each color. Gardening and landscaping can also be a fun physical activities for older kids.


You can have a traditional race or spice things up by racing with three legs, one leg, crawling, or skipping rope as you run. Be creative with this one.


Walk the dog as a family. If it is safe, walk as a family to the grocery store. Help make walking a habit for the whole family.

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