Swing and a miss? What to do when you miss a goal.

by Colin Butler
Vertex Education Ambassador, Fitness

You set a goal for yourself and you fell short. It’s normal to feel disappointed when you don’t reach your goals. Failing hurts. We’ve all seen motivational quotes about falling down, getting back up, and that you can learn from failure. That is hard to do when you’re in the moment of failing. You focus on the fact that you failed to meet your goal.

Take a look at Christina Heilman’s 3-Step Reality Check”

1. Identify 3 things that went well

What were three positive things you experienced working toward your goal? Did you make a new friend?  Do you now have more confidence to do new exercises? Did you improve even though you didn’t reach your target goal?

2. Identify 3 things that didn’t go as well as you planned

Be honest with yourself. Did your goal require you to exercise 4 days a week, but you struggled to go 2 days a week because 4 times doesn’t fit into your schedule? Did you set this goal as a priority or did you let optional events get in the way? Did you have a health episode that made exercise not possible? Perhaps, you wanted to try a new way to exercise but didn’t enjoy it as much as you thought you would. Acknowledge these things so you can prepare better when you set your next goal.

3. Identify 3 things to change

You know what went well and what didn’t go as planned. Now you need to decide what you want to change, or not change, going forward. Common topics of change include setting your goal, planning your workouts, and maybe who you’re working out with.

Now make a new plan to help you reach your big goal and celebrate smaller goals along the way!

If you need help looking at what works for you and what may need to be changed more, write down what your process was leading toward your goal and take it to a fitness professional for advice. They have tons of experience and can help you make changes that will make everything seem easier for you.

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